05 December, 2020

Types of eSports betting

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ESports are very different from each other as some are combat, some are real-time strategy, some are sports and some are other genres.

But they all have one thing in common, which is that a number of different actions take place in a game.

Bookmakers, aware of this, not only offer bets on which team or player will win, but as is the case in sports such as football, basketball or tennis, they also allow betting on other actions that occur during the course of a match.


The winner-takes-all bet aims to predict which team or player will win the tournament, championship, league or competition in question. It is similar to football bets concerning which team will win La Liga, the World Cup or the Champions League. It is a long-term bet in which bookmakers present the list of candidates with the odds assigned to each, the value of which is inversely proportional to the probability of the team or player winning. When you intend to bet on the final winner of one of the favourites, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible, preferably before the start of the championship. The reason for this is that the higher the odds will be the more rivals that maintain their chances, and the lower the further the tournament progresses and the lower the odds are reduced, i.e. the odds on a favourite will always be higher in the group stage than in the final play-offs.

First Blood

first blood eSport

First Blood betting is common in strategy games such as League of Legends or DOTA 2, which would have its equivalent in Counter Strike at First Low. It consists of predicting which team or player will be the first to kill an enemy unit, which in the case of League of Legends would be a champion. The favourite in this bet will almost always coincide with the favourite to win the game, except in those cases in which, due to the strategy designed or the qualities of the opponents, there may be a player on the underdog team who could easily be the first to eliminate an opponent.

First team to score 10 kills

Specific bet for League of Legends very similar to the previous one with the difference that it is about deducing which team will be the first to reach 10 kills. In this case, the favourite team in this bet will be the same as in the bet on the winner of the game, because while being the first team to kill an opponent is somewhat volatile, doing so with 10 opponents leaves little room for luck. Regarding kills, some bookmakers also allow you to bet on which team will get the first triple kill or quadruple kill.

Winner of the match


This is the most conventional type of bet and is found in all eSports, be it sports, real-time strategy, combat or any other genre. It consists of guessing which team or player will win a particular match, regardless of how the outcome may influence the competition in the match. Each team is assigned a quota and the good bettor will try to find the option that has the best relationship between the prize to be received and the probability of it happening.

Map winner

In many of the most prominent eSports, competitive games are best of 3 maps or games, being a map the scenario on which the action takes place in Counter Strike, DOTA 2, League of Legends,… The most common thing is that we find bets on the winner of the 1st or 2nd map, and in some cases also on the 3rd map which is usually the one that serves to break the tie. The odds on the favourites are usually higher in these bets as it is more likely that a strong team will win a map than win a game.


In eSports we also have handicap bets on different actions. Most commonly, the handicap affects the map score, with the most common bet being 1.5 odds or 1.5 handicap. Thus, betting on the underdog with a handicap of 1.5 covers not only their own wins, but also the 2-1 loss, and betting on the favourite with a handicap of -1.5 only leaves the 2-0 as a favourable result, but increases the odds, which can be very practical when the favourite is far superior to their opponent.

Best of 3, best of 5 and best of 7

In competitive eSports it is very common for several rounds, maps or games to be played in one match. Usually in the regular phase, matches are decided by best of 3, and this number increases in the final rounds or play offs. The purpose of this bet is to predict which team will be the best in the specified number of rounds.

Team vs. the rest

This bet can be seen in other sports that are not related to eSports and is based on betting on the victory of either a specific team or all the other teams together. Bookmakers usually offer this bet when a team is heavily favoured to win a tournament and in order to balance the bet, a quota is assigned to the sum of the odds that the other participating teams have of winning.

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