12 June, 2021

Online Casino Guide For Different Games

Online Casino

Web-based betting venues are full of different types of casino games. To give an example, CasinoChan online casino provides more than 2 thousand slots, table and card games. The number of offered titles by the platform is constantly rising. Such a tendency is inherent in other online establishments as well.

In the article, we would like to discuss the most well-known casino games. All of them are easy-to-understand, relatively quick, and quite thrilling. Choose the game to your liking and learn about it more down below!


Also referred to as “Twenty One”, blackjack is one of the most frequently played wagering entertainment across the globe. It is simple, rather time-efficient, and does not demand special knowledge or experience.

The game is meant for 1 or more players and a dealer taking a stand against each other. Note that gamblers never compete with one another; their main opponent is the dealer. The main goal of the game is to collect 21 points or the number that is as approximate as possible to it. Going over 21 is a loss as a matter of course.

If you want to win blackjack, try to select the game variation with the lowest house edge. It may vary from 0.17% to 2%. A 1% house edge is the most common option.


This game needs just a bit of luck. Players place their bets, a dealer starts spinning the wheel and drops a marble, a ball specially designed for the game. The enumerated section the marble hits determines which wagers win. In the event that 0 or 00 appears, no one receives a payoff.

Roulette has a number of variations with different house edges and types of bets. You may try them all to know for sure which suits you better. But personally, we recommend the European single-zero wheel. It has just one green section and an assured loss percentage of 2.63% only. It simply gives you more chances to win.



Slots are perhaps the most well-liked game category at any casino venue whether it is onsite or web-based. What is great about this kind of entertainment is that bettors do not necessarily have to possess gameplay knowledge. All you are supposed to do is to click the button to make 3+ reels with symbols spinning. Your payout is up to the symbols that range in a payline.

If you want to win real money playing online slots, learn about variance. Variance is basically the amount “one-armed bandits” pay and the frequency of payouts. Pokies with low volatility are pre-planned to land wins quite often, but the winnings are insignificant. Vice versa, slots with high variance propose big jackpots but once in a blue moon. Choose games that suit your needs and game style.


Other common casino games are baccarat, craps, bingo, sic bo, lotteries, and many more. All of them are categorized as tabletop games, have different principles, and lots of variations. Let’s go into details of the most played one – baccarat, shall we?

Baccarat is meant for big-spending gamblers mainly. It is pretty similar to blackjack as it involves card denomination and hand values. But there is a significant difference: in baccarat, the hand with the biggest amount of points wins. You are not supposed to collect a certain number, whatsoever.

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