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Is It Possible to Cheat a Slot Machine?

The great-grandfather of the modern slot machine appeared 130 years ago in New York. It had 5 reels that contained fifty cards based on poker. The task was to collect a winning poker hand by pressing the lever that spun the drum with the cards installed on it. To play such a game, no additional knowledge was needed, so the machine quickly took root in local bars. 

There was no direct payout mechanism back then, so a successful combination could bring the player free beer or cigars. Over time, the bar owners began to “twist” the machines, for example, they removed two cards from the reel. Ten of spades and jack of hearts, which reduced the chances of winning a royal flush. 

Playing on the majority of online gambling platforms, advanced players try to foresee winning by using special technologies. Let’s take a look at a practical example. Visit Cookie Casino login to play, and try this new methodology: 

  • In fact, when symbols are spinning in front of your eyes, these is ordinary graphics that heats up the excitement. 
  • The result is already known. It is calculated by a random number generator. 
  • During the game, this program constantly creates numbers that are attached to the images on the display. 
  • If you know how a random number generator works, many myths around the operation of slot machines are dispelled.

The result of the game will not be affected in any way, whether the reel is spinning fast or slow. The time it stops will change nothing. The same as the force of pressing the button. The result of the combinations is always random. If the slot machine has not given out winnings for a long time, this does not mean that the jackpot will come soon. If you are lucky and you have won the jackpot, there is always a chance that by the next click you will hit it again.

Scientists’ Feedback

Scientists’ Feedback

Mathematicians are working on the creation of the slot machine. They do a lot of work: they make up the paytable, which is presented in the slots. Besides, they determine the frequency of the symbol appearing on the reels and calculate the possible number of images on the reel. The maximum possible number of specific combinations is then counted. 

Next, the resulting value is multiplied by the payouts that are obtained when these combinations are drawn up. Then all indicators are summed up. Next, mathematicians calculate what is the probability of getting any combination that leads to a win. Based on all calculations, the return coefficient is displayed. This is the percentage that the machine will “give back” for all the money invested in it. 

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