Revenue At British Columbia’s Casinos Is On The Decline

2020 was a tough year for the gambling industry in Canada, as the recent pandemic has ruined normal business life in the country. Casino enthusiasts in British Columbia have been

22 June. 2021 3 mins read

Online Casino Guide For Different Games

Web-based betting venues are full of different types of casino games. To give an example, CasinoChan online casino provides more than 2 thousand slots, table and card games. The number

12 June. 2021 3 mins read
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Is It Possible to Cheat a Slot Machine?

The great-grandfather of the modern slot machine appeared 130 years ago in New York. It had 5 reels that contained fifty cards based on poker. The task was to collect

20 May. 2021 3 mins read
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Peaky Blinders online slot machine full review

The main characters of this casino game are the main characters of the series. Thanks to its graphics and refined details you will feel like in the Birmingham of the

04 May. 2021 4 mins read

Blinged online slot machine full review

Launched in August 2020, Blinged is an online casino slot developed by Play'n GO, which promises to entice many users. With women taking centre stage, it is reminiscent of a slot

05 April. 2021 4 mins read

Volatility What should I consider when choosing a Slot?

Thinking about mathematical concepts such as volatility often generates difficult feelings for many players, however, when playing at online casinos you are under its influence all the time, even if

05 March. 2021 5 mins read
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Complete El Mariachi Online Slots Guide

The game, based on the film Desperado or La balada del pistolero / Pistolero (as it was known in Latin America), has as its main characters the actor Antonio Banderas

05 February. 2021 4 mins read

League of Legends (LOL) Betting

League of Legends is a strategy game played by teams of 5 players each. The objective is to destroy the opponent's base, which is called the nexus, and to get there

05 January. 2021 3 mins read

Types of eSports betting

ESports are very different from each other as some are combat, some are real-time strategy, some are sports and some are other genres. But they all have one thing in common,

05 December. 2020 5 mins read

Include these tips in your strategies for winning at poker and win big prizes

Bet the maximum allowed In every video poker game you play you will have the possibility to choose how much money to bet: there is a minimum and a maximum. And

05 November. 2020 4 mins read